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If you are considering buying a business, The Chalfin Group offers the expertise you need to make the best decisions. We can manage every step of the process of buying a business from the initial concept to the closing. While each engagement is unique, a more detailed list of the services that we typically provide in connection with buying an existing business includes:
•    Meet with you and your management team to discuss your business, understand your concerns, and design a plan to achieve your goals in buying an existing business.
•    Perform a strategic analysis of your business and discuss our findings and observations.
•    Prepare, develop, and monitor the business metrics and provide ongoing suggestions for improvement.
•    Discreetly contact and meet with potential sellers.
•    As part of our business valuation services, we will determine a reasonable offer for buying an existing business, including structuring the purchase price.
•    Negotiate the acquisition of the business.
•    Coordinate the finances for the transaction.
•    Prepare for the due diligence process and coordinate the work of your employees, attorneys, and CPAs.
•    Assist you with the closing and transition. This includes facilitating the activities of the buyer and seller, as well as the employees, and other interested parties.
If you are considering buying a business in today’s ever more complex world? The process doesn’t have to be intimidating or endlessly complicated.  Contact The Chalfin Group today to learn  how we can help.


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