A Practical Guide to Buying a Business by Robert J. Chalfin

A Practical Guide to Buying a Business provides a comprehensive overview of the acquisition process—from locating a business to the final contract. The information is presented sequentially with sample forms, checklists, and agreements. Some of the topics that are covered in the book include:
• Why businesses are acquired and sold
• Locating a target business
• Sources to consulting when searching for a business
• Creating the selling memo
• Using professionals to assist with the process
• Due diligence- items to request along with a sample due diligence checklist
• Discussion topics and questions for a productive meeting with the seller
• The letter of intent, indication of interest, and term sheet.
• Financial analysis and metrics—items to review when evaluating a business
• Valuation, including some key factors to consider
• Raising funds- sources, alternatives, and strategies.
• The contract, including a brief discussion of the key components
• Post-closing, including brief suggestions on operating the business following closing. 
This book is invaluable to anyone who is interested in buying—or selling—a business along with their attorneys, CPAs, and advisors. The book includes advice and information useful for entrepreneurs seeking to build their businesses. It helps buyers and sellers to understand the process, know what to look for, avoid common pitfalls, and consummate a deal with benefits to both parties.

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